The key to success:

Punctuality and reliability are the two parameters that determine quality in the transport industry.

part and full loads

Regardless of whether your goods may not be transshipped or whether they do not fill a truck, with us you only pay for what you need in terms of loading space. We always transport your goods directly. Starting at 3 loading meters, 7 parking spaces, 2,500 kg up to the complete truck, we offer you safe “door to door” direct deliveries with pinpoint accuracy. Because if you get there by truck, we’ll drive there!

Special trip

Do you have an urgent shipment with up to 10 Euro pallet spaces and a maximum of 1.0 tons? Then let us know. Our tarpaulin sprinters ensure that we can take over your goods within 120 minutes, no matter where we are. If you need a truck or similar as soon as possible, do not hesitate to contact us. We solve your problem. Because HeYJu is made 4 you!

special transports

Regardless of whether it is extra-wide transport or heavy-duty transport – together we will find a concept that is individually tailored to you in order to deliver your goods accordingly. Do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts in Dispo accompany you with the calculation, the permits, the escort vehicles and of course the actual transport. Because every project is individually tailored to you.

Middle East

Did you know that you can also drive to Afghanistan by truck? Whether Kazakhstan or China. If you come there by truck, we drive there too. Our experts speak the local language. Use this advantage too!

air freight

Air freight requires thorough planning, but also quick processing. We can guarantee you both in this area. The continent of Africa and Central Asia do not pose a challenge for us in this area. We look forward to accompanying you in every single project. With us you will find the professionals who will help you.


Heavy-duty crane or packages – we always have the right thing for you. At three locations around Hof, Bavaria, we have the right solution for you. Storage, picking and of course shipping is no problem for us. An individual offer from us will convince you.

Further additional services for you

  • customs clearance 
  • Additional transport insurance
  • Time slot booking
  • an open ear for questions in the field of logistics